Dear Fellow Citizen


    2013 needs to be a year of renewal for our country. We need renewal in politics, in government, in business, labour and the media. However renewal is also needed at the base of our society: in the bedrock of our 51 million citizens. The moral tone of a country is determined as much by its citizens as by its institutions and national leaders.

    In 2008 the two of us published a little book entitled: Do It! Every South African’s guide to making a difference. Five years later we remain convinced that our country needs this kind of active citizenship, and needs it urgently.

    Now we invite our fellow citizens, from all walks of life, and belonging to the full range of our country’s political parties, to join us in responding to this challenge. We ask our compatriots to commit the values of active citizenship as set out in the Charter on this website, and to engage in some personal action to realise these values.

    A large group of prominent South Africans have already accepted this invitation. Together they have constituted an Active Citizens Council. They join us in urging you to help renew and realise the promise of our great country.

    We are creating resource groups to help active citizens work in the areas of education, health, environmental sustainability, youth and employment, and crime prevention. We are also creating regional steering groups to help promote and sustain active citizenship throughout the length and breadth of our beautiful country.

    A good society is built by active citizens.

    Yours sincerely,



    Our country has some 25,000 government schools, 53 Further Education and Training colleges, and some 27 Universities. Excellence in each of these depends on the passion and commitment of teachers, learners, administrators, parents, and the communities that support each of these. Every institution offers the possibility of constructive engagement for the active citizen. Active citizens with rich education experience are putting together a resource kit to aid activity in this area. Via the website we will also connect you with education institutions and other active citizens keen to work in your geographic area and field of interest.


    In addition to the healthcare professionals, both government and private healthcare, a diverse group of civil society bodies are working to promote health in our country. Active citizens with deep experience in healthcare are putting together a resource kit for those who want to be active in this area. Via the website we will connect you with facilities, organisations and other active citizens in your area.

    Enviromental Sustainability

    Ensuring that our country’s vital (and beautiful) natural resources are cared for, and sustain a good life for future generations is a key challenge for our nation. The way in which citizens use or abuse these natural resources will ultimately determine whether we meet this challenge. Active citizens with both knowledge of and a passion for ensure sustainable environments are constructing resource kits in this area. Via the website we will connect you with facilities and organisations that are active in this cause and in your area.

    Youth and Employment

    It is the human condition to want to be active in society, to create value and meet human needs. All over the world more and more people are excluded from productive economic activity. This is particularly true of present day South Africa. It is acutely true for young South Africans. Citizens active in helping people, and especially young people, find work are putting together a resource kit for action in this area. Via the website we will put you in touch with organisations and opportunities in this field, and in the area in which you live.

    Crime Prevention

    Active communities reduce crime. Citizens with experience in crime prevention are putting together resource kits to aid activity in crime prevention. Via the website we will connect you with resources in the area in which you live.


    We are establishing regional steering groups for this movement in the following cities :




    Cape Town



    Nelson Mandela Bay

    Prince Albert


    If you are ready to help establish such a group in another part of our great country please Contact Us.